The Truth About Annuities

iSettlements Opens Its Doors To Those Who Want To Sell Their Structured Settlement payments.

The inflexible commitment that is a part of annuities may deter some consumers. Once the contract is signed and the money is invested, the consumer has limited access to the money. If an emergency or major expense arises, consumers would need to sell their annuity payments to a third party in order to access their money. The fees that accompany annuities are the biggest deterrent for many.

First Union to Sell Annuities at Branches

They specialize in buying structured settlement payments and annuities that typically arise as a result of a lawsuit. Individuals looking to sell structured settlements for cash can request a free quote or contact a financial advisor at iSettlements, who will evaluate your payments and offer you the most value for your payments giving you a Lump Sum of cash you can use today! iSettlements is not your average financial company; they take every situation into account when they buy a settlement. Providing the seller all the information needed to help make the best financial decision for their respective circumstance.

Should I Sell My Structured Settlement Payments?

Annuity Transfers

About 800 of those workers — one for each branch, except in Florida, where banks are not permitted to sell insurance — will be licensed to sell annuities. The bank’s workers are also responsible for selling other products like small loans and credit cards. “We want to use our branch system to sell a full range of financial products,” said Dave deGorter, director of the First Union insurance business. Mr. deGorter said 70 percent of the recent sales of annuities in a pilot program at some branches in North Carolina had been of the fixed variety, whereas in 1993, when interset rates were lower but stock and bond prices were rising strongly, variable annuities accounted for 70 percent of sales. For now, First Union will sell fixed annuities issued by insurance companies — Western National Life in Houston for the fixed annuities and Nationwide Insurance in Columbus, Ohio, for the variable type. “Right now we are not permitted to issue our own annuities,” Mr. deGorter said, adding that if the rules changed, “it is not beyond the realm of comprehension” that the bank would do so. The agreements between insurers and First Union are reminders that the insurance industry is of two minds about the banks entering the $80-billion-a-year annuity business.

Corona Capital Offers the Best Quotes on the Sale of Annuity, Lottery or Structured Payments

One of the top structured settlement industry authorities, Annuity Transfers Shannon Harvey, has recently posted an easy to understand explanation of why a sale of your payments may or may not be the best option. She provides a list of questions to ask yourself; the answers to which will help you assess whether or not you should sell your valuable structured settlement payment s. Among the considerations are: What are all your funding options? What will the impact be on your monthly living needs? What is the impact on your ongoing medical needs, if any? Are there other expenses or issues that you should consider? In summary, Ms. Harveys sound and practical approach to assessing your situation should bring you to a decision point that may lead you to move forward with the sale of your structured settlement payment(s).

Corona capital is an Australian company that buys annuity, lottery and structured settlement payments. The modern and prolific processes of the company ensure facilitating the customers with proper guidelines and offers to sell annuity, lottery and other structured settlement payments without any adversity. Save Lewes, East Sussex — ( SBWIRE ) — 08/14/2012 — Corona Capital offers the best quotes to its customers on the sale of annuity, lottery or structured payments. They have a list of investors that are willing to pay customers more than they may receive with other factoring companies. The cost for the private investor who may work with them is zero.


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